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Gift your family an everlasting comfort

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System Components



Perfect Grid-tie solution for small house air conditioning

Generate enough solar energy for your house by reaping the benefits of our 5kW inverter from Schneider Electric along with a 5 year Warranty. It will help you save up to PKR 13,000/ and can also feed power back to the authorities in case of low consumption. It’s a chance for you to “Start loving summers again.”
1 Year free after sale services
Generates Upto 750 Units Per Month
Essential Plus is the best high quality, economical solar PV system of Pakistan

Component Details

  • Solar Panels:
    HSE 60P (245 Watts), Helios Solar
    JKM250PP-Eagle Series (260 Watts), Jinko Solar
  • Inverter:
    Schneider Electric ,Conext RL  5000 E


  • Solar Panels: 25 Years
  • Inverter:  5 Years

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