Powering Today for a Brighter Tomorrow, our quest to provide clean energy accessible for all started in 2012 as Pakistan’s first full-service oriented solar company. Since then, we have worked with top solar companies worldwide to procure and install solar systems nationwide. Headquartered in Lahore and having Support Offices nationwide, today we provide clean affordable energy to all energy sectors in Pakistan including residential, industrial and agricultural with quality inspections on our solar panels and step-by-step support.

In 2017, we revolutionized the solar industry by extending our support further to residential and commercial sectors of Pakistan through our certification with Alternative Energy Development Board, allowing our current and prospecting solar customers to sell electricity back to the grid through our Net-Metering facility.

13 Bridge Colony

Lahore Cantt, Lahore

UAN: 92 (42) 111 112 886

Dial Now for Free Consultation: 042 36617062-63-64

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