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With Econo PLUS, quality and economy go hand in hand!

Can Electrify




1 (1 Ton)

System Components

Run your AC on solar with minimal cost

Being the extension of our Econo system, Econo PLUS is a perfect solution that optimizes cost without  any compromise on quality. This solution runs the basic load of a household including Air Conditioners on Solar. This solution helps you convert on solar easily with very low initial investment.

Professional Technician installing solar Panels

Component Details

  • Solar Panels:
    HSE 60P (245 Watts), Helios Solar
    JKM260PP-Eagle Series (260 Watts), Jinko Solar
  • Inverter:
    Axpert MKS, Voltronic Power
  • Batteries:
    CS-SG-12-200, CS Power


  • Solar Panels: 10/25 Years
  • Inverter: 1 Year
  • Batteries: 1 Year

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