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System Components

Want to go solar with minimal cost? Start with our Econo system!

Econo is designed to be an economical entry level solar solution. It ensures the mantra of good quality in a tight budget. This solution runs the basic loads of a household seamlessly on Solar. Econo is perfectly extensible and can be upgraded to electrify more load.

Econo: Most Economical Solar Solution in Pakistan

Component Details

  • Solar Panels:
    HSE 60P (245 Watts), Helios
    JKM260PP-Eagle Series (260 Watts), Jinko Solar
  • Inverter:
    Axpert MKS, Voltronic Power
  • Batteries:
    CS-SG-12-150, CS Power


  • Solar Panels: 10/25 Years
  • Inverter: 1 Year
  • Batteries: 1 Year

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