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Gift your family an everlasting comfort

Can Electrify




2 (1.5 Ton)*


System Components

Perfect solution for a medium-sized house

Essential PLUS helps you run all the load of a medium sized home on solar energy.

With this hybrid system installed you can run the complete load of your house on solar energy. Say goodbye to load shedding and enjoy uninterrupted electricity round the clock.

Ideal replacement of an 8KVA generator
8 months' free after sale services
Essential Plus is the best high quality, economical solar PV system of Pakistan

Component Details

  • Solar Panels:
    HSE 60P (245 Watts), Helios Solar
    JKM260PP-Eagle Series (260 Watts), Jinko Solar
  • Inverter:
    Infini PLUS 3kW Hybrid Inverter, Voltronic Power
  • Batteries:
    CS-SG-12-200, CS Power


  • Solar Panels: 10/25 Years
  • Inverter: 1 Year
  • Batteries: 1 Year

*Inverter Series Air Conditioner

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