Solar Energy is the energy stored in sunlight. Traditionally, Solar Energy refers to the usable form of energy obtained by using sun’s rays to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quietest, cleanest, and consistent manner. Can’t beat the sun for being so cool!

In bright sunlight, a square foot of a conventional photovoltaic panel yields around 10 watts of power. When we factor in the shading, spacing and walkway arrangements we can safely consider that 1 square foot wil yield around 5 watts of power. That’s a helpful rule of thumb for calculating a rough estimate of how much area you might need. For example, a 1000 watt system may need 100 – 200 square feet of area, depending on the type of PV module used.

The size of the photovoltaic system is correlated to your home’s energy-use needs, available space for a system, and overall costs for the system components and installation. To have an estimate of the size of system you might need please check our standard packages or call us at 042 36617062-63-64 to schedule a visit of our representative.

Solar PV energy, unlike other renewable sources, is available in most places because every part of the Earth receives some amount of sunlight. However, certain other factors may effect performance of solar panels. To analyse if solar will yield good results on your roof take a look at the position of your home on its lot – and particularly your roof. Ask the following questions:

  1. Is there good southern exposure? Orienting solar panels to the south maximises the effectiveness of energy collection. So check if the shape or construction of roof allows mounting of south facing panels.
  2. Is the exposure free of shadows of trees or buildings? Shading photovoltaic panels dramatically reduces their effectiveness. So check if taller buildings or trees will directly shade panels or drop debris/leaves on them.
  3. What is the pitch of your roof? Most roofs, from flat to 60-degrees can accommodate photovoltaic panels. However, it might be difficult to mount them if for some reasons the pitch of the roof is steeper than 60-degrees.

Yes, you can eliminate load shedding with a hybrid solar PV system. Our standard systems are designed to eliminate load shedding. The advantages of our solar PV system over other alternative fixes of load shedding include uninterrupted power, negligible operating cost, cleaner source, reliable power, no noise and pure sine-wave regulated output to keep your appliances safe.

Yes you can replace your diesel generator with a solar PV system if enough space is available for mounting of adequate amount of Solar Panels. For most homes, this requirement holds true. And even if it does not you can limit your generator usage to rare occasions such as parties, functions or get togethers (that too only in summers).

If you are planning to power up a few lights or a couple of fans then you should be fine. However, with bigger systems comes bigger risks and shock/fire hazards. As solar PV system involves high voltage DC power and very powerful batteries, certain standards need to be followed in its installation.

Never do it. Installing solar is very different from installing UPS or appliances. A substandard installation may save you some money upfront but the risk and danger it carries may result in a bigger loss. And probability of that happening is very high.Look around and you will find lots of failed examples of people trusting electricians and suffering big time.

For a proper solar installation you should only trust professionals. Never trust a free lance electrician or a novice installer with such a big investment as they may turn it into a huge loss.

Unfortunately very few companies follow international standards in solar installations in Pakistan. Therefore, at Pantera Energy, our focus has always been to provide high quality services to our clients. Because economy should not mean a drop in quality.

Look for economical products not for cheap ones. Going for a 50% drop in price for a 90% drop in performance is a very bad investment. Look for products that provide best value for money. Never trust second hand or sub standard products. It is a long term investment and should be done with care. A penny saved today can result in costing two (or three or four actually) in the future. So always go for warranty backed, traceable, high quality and reliable products by reputed manufacturers.

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