Hybrid Solutions (With Backup)

Hybrid Solutions (With Backup)

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Hybrid solar systems are best suited for areas where grid electricity is limited or unreliable. These systems combine the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems are also described as grid-tied solar with battery storage.

A hybrid solar system has three sources of power, PV modules (solar panels), grid electricity and batteries. The Inverter continuously monitor the batteries, the solar panels and the grid and decides:

  • When to charge/discharge the batteries.
  • When to connect/disconnect from the grid

Hybrid system combines the best of both off grid and grid tied system.

During day, when there is enough sunlight available, solar panels are used as the primary source of energy. The entire connected load is run using this power and the surplus is utilized for charging the batteries. The shortfall, if any, is compensated from the grid if it is available or the batteries if grid is facing a failure. During night or in low light conditions if the solar energy falls short in fulfilling the energy demands, the system turns towards the grid for electricity top up. And in case the grid is not available (due to load shedding or any other form of grid failure) batteries fill up the deficit to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply. This means that your system needs fewer batteries and depending on grid failures no need for an extra backup power source (e.g. expensive diesel Gensets).

These systems are ideal for countries like Pakistan where grid faces regular shutdowns (load shedding) for load balancing. These systems are modular and can be sized according to demand. These systems (depending upon inverter used) can also support grid feed in of excess energy, whereby surplus energy produced is sold back to the electric grid.