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An “On-Grid” or grid interactive solar PV system is the one that uses PV modules and electricity grid as the sources of energy. These systems convert energy from solar PV modules into AC power in phase with grid power. Therefore, this power assists grid power in running the connected load. If the power produced is less than the required load, grid fills up the deficit and in case the power produced is more than the connected load the excess power is fed into the grid. Energy Exported to the grid is adjusted in monthly electricity bills. On-Grid systems require no battery backup and hence are the cheapest of all available solar systems. These systems need grid power to continue their operation and turn off on grid failure. Even if the required load is less than the energy produced by PV modules the system has to turn off due to safety reasons. This limitation makes “On-Grid” systems unsuitable for areas with limited supply of grid electricity and are useful only in no-load shedding areas.