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Ideal solution for a very large household

Can Electrify





6 (1.5 Ton)*

System Components

Go green with pure hybrid Infini Inverter

The powerful hybrid inverter installed with this system comes with a very smart feature of Energy Management. During the daytime it runs the load on Solar Energy and at night shifts to Grid+Batteries. This way it keeps the usage of Grid at a minimum at all times. It can sell excess electricity back to the grid and keeps the electricity bill to a bare minimum

Ideal replacement of a 3KVA generator
1 year free after sale services
Go green with econo

Component Details

  • Solar Panels:
    HSE 60P (245 Watts), Helios Solar
    JKM260PP-Eagle Series (260 Watts), Jinko Solar
  • Inverter:
    Infini 10KW Three Phase, Voltronic Power
  • Batteries:
    EOS 600, 2V 600AH Dry Cell, NARADA/SHOTO 


  • Solar Panels: 10/25 Years
  • Inverter: 1 Year
  • Batteries: 1 Year

*Inverter Series Air Conditioner

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