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Trojan is the world’s largest batteries manufacture company which sells deep cycle flooded batteries, deep cycle AGM and gel batteries. It has excelled in reshaping the technology of batteries of various uses in the electronic world. It has proved to be the most trusted name in innumerable fields including renewable energy.

T105E Deep cycle flooded with 4-5 years of life

  • Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology optimises porosity development in the active material enabling active user to work more effectively. This results in sustained battery performance for a long time.
  • DuraGrid Design provides a thick grid structure that prevents corrosion.
  • Maxguard XL Performance features a wide channel design which increases acid flow for optimum battery performance and provides even greater resistance to stratification, a typical mode of failure in batteries, used in renewable energy systems.
  • The Polyon container is Trojan’s extra-rugged case design which protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions and safeguards against potential acid leaks.
High quality American Trojan Batteries in Pakistan