Net Metering

Are you tired of paying your power supplier hefty amounts of money, and are interested in not only saving your costs but wish that your supplier started paying you for the electricity? In case you did not know, this is very much possible through net metering. Net metering, also known as net energy metering, is a utility rate system that forces your utility provider to acquire the surplus solar energy produced by your solar panels at the full retail cost.


Now you might be confused as to how does net metering work? The peak hours of solar generation are from 7AM to approximately 5PM, and those are also the non-peak hours of electricity consumption because you are mostly at work and the kids are in schools and colleges. The maxed out solar generation is stored into the panels and used up at night, now the energy that is still left is transferred to your electricity provider at the retail cost of electricity. Whereas, without net metering all the extra electricity generated through panels will be sent to the grid without any payback from your electricity provider.

You might think that utility bill saving is the only advantage you can achieve through net metering, but that is not true. Another big advantage of net metering is that you do not need expensive battery storages, because through net metering you get the maxed out energy through your solar panels. Therefore, net metering not only reduces stress on the electric grid distribution but also reduces stress on your pockets.