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General Questions

Solar Energy is the energy stored in sunlight. Traditionally, Solar Energy refers to the usable form of energy obtained by using rays of sunlight to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in the quietest, cleanest, and consistent manner. Nothing can beat the sun for being so cool!

Yes, our AlphaESS-Intelligent Solar Energy Management System comes with lithium-ion battery storage packs.
The system will work during the day time using solar energy to run the home or business load and charges the batteries with free solar. In case of an outage during the daytime, there is a seamless transition from the Grid to the batteries to provide backup power.
During night time, the system discharges the batteries throughout peak tariff time and does not allow the charging from the Grid when the rates are high. Instead, it waits till the Sun rises or low grid rate is available to charge the batteries. In case there is an outage expected in the night time then the system won’t discharge the batteries before that, keeping them fully charged to provide backup during load-shedding hours.
You won’t have to do anything or ever worry about load shedding. Nothing is being done manually, as the AlphaESS keeps a record of outages and with machine learning of the load shedding patterns over time, it keeps batteries charged. It ensures you have maximum availability of power at all times.

In bright sunlight, a square foot of conventional photovoltaic panels yields around 10 watts of power. However, when shading, spacing and walkway arrangements are factored in, PV systems yield around 5 watts per square foot. That is a handy rule of thumb for roughly estimating area you might need. For example, a 1000 watt system may need 100 – 200 square feet of area. Required area varies according to the type of PV module used.

Solar system size requirement depends upon your home’s energy needs, available space and overall cost for components and installation. To get an estimate of the size of system for your needs, checkout our standard packages or call us at 042 111 112 886 to schedule a visit of our representative.


You can replace your diesel generator with a solar PV system if enough space is available for mounting of adequate amount of Solar Panels. For most homes, this requirement holds true. And even if it does not you can limit your generator usage to rare occasions such as parties, functions or get togethers (that too only in summers).

Questions about Alpha ESS

This is a very legitimate question and has been asked by many of our customers as they compare our batteries with other solar solution providers. Safety is our prime focus and that is why we provide reliable and the safest Lithium-ion chemistry. When it comes to lithium-ion batteries always consider the following things:
Metal Can Housing: 
We use a metal can housing compared to others who use cheap alternatives such as cylindrical, polymer pouch or plastic cells. Metal Cans provide the highest physical protection by having a millimeter thick casing on each cell.
AlphaESS has an energy management system that has the central control of the entire system. It protects the batteries because the software will not allow overcharging and exports the excess solar to the Grid. Other cheap alternatives do not have this software and cause the batteries to overcharge thus there is loss of energy.
Every battery module comes with a battery management system. This is the front line software defense against electrical abuse. BMS monitors every parameter of the cells from their charging to the temperatures and ensures that the safe operating ranges are ever crossed. Safety in design has been always prioritized in our systems. Other companies have pirated BMS and do not have any fail safe operations thus suffering from incidents such as Batteries explosion and catching fire which does not only cause damage to the system, your property but could also be fatal.
Touch Safe: 
Our system exposes no wires, vents or emits any fumes making it possible to be installed in areas frequented by children or toddlers. While other companies, no matter how much they claim their systems will add value to the interior design but in fact, that is a lie and they’d tell you at the time of the installation to install the system at a place which is not frequented by children. Other companies systems are not recommended to be installed in the living room or bedrooms because of excessive noise. They would also recommend you install it at a cool place to avoid heating of the batteries whereas our system has noiseless cooling technology, dust, and water-resistant certifications, and can be installed anywhere inside or outside the house.
This is an important question that you should always consider while investing your hard-earned money for the lifetime investment. We have been in this business since 2013, unlike other recently established companies. Pantera Energy is one of the most experienced and long-standing names in this relatively new industry in the region with more than 1600 installed sites. Over the years we have developed a business process and company culture where customer care and satisfaction are considered as the top priority.
You’ll be delighted to know that we have invested in the AlphaESS systems to arrange the tailor-made features in the systems, meeting the requirements of our customers compared to other trade-oriented companies providing you off the shelf cheap solutions. Therefore, this should not be a concern as having been in the business long before the other companies came and we are determined to help Pakistan achieve its renewable energy goals.
You’d be glad to know that AlphaESS is an international brand that currently has more than 10,000 residential and commercial systems running in more than 30 countries globally and its products are accredited by IEC, TUV, CEC and many other international standards.
With Proprietary technologies, AlphaESS provides the most reliable and innovative energy storage widely spread over the globe with different application scenarios. AlphaESS enjoys a global reputation.

Yes,  we enable you to install solar today and pay for it later on easy monthly installments with a subsidized 6% flat markup. Instead of paying the utility company, you’ll be making the payments to the Bank and after 3 to 5 years, the system will keep generating free electricity for the lifetime.

Questions related to Solar Installation

There are many factors to consider before you make this decision. Buying just the components may be less expensive upfront but our team of experienced solar installers offers tremendous value at a very small additional cost. Ensuring the installation is safe and efficient.
When it comes to installing an expensive and complex solar system at your premises, finding the best solar experts who know what they are doing can save you time and money in the long run. Our solar trained installers are fully equipped with the technical expertise required to install all types of solar systems and they follow the international standards of installation.
We will also apply for your smart meter which is a big hassle and a time-consuming process. If you get the components only, then you’ll have to do this process on your own. Also, you won’t be offered any replaceable warranties or 24/7 remote monitoring and support services. These free services can only be availed if you get the complete package from us.
It is important to note that our solar equipment partners will only honor their warranties if our qualified installers installed their equipment. We provide a workmanship warranty of 10 years on the solar panels which is available only if our team has done the installation.


Installing solar is very different from installing UPS or appliances. A substandard installation may appear to save you some money upfront. But the risk and danger it carries may result in a bigger loss. And probability of that happening is very high. Look around and you will find lots of failed examples of people trusting electricians and suffering big time.

For a proper solar installation you should only trust professionals. Never trust a freelance electrician or a novice installer with such a big investment. As they may turn it into a huge loss.

Unfortunately, very few companies in Pakistan follow international standards for solar installations. Therefore, at Pantera Energy, our focus has always been to provide high quality services to our clients. Because economy should not mean a drop in quality.


Going for a 50% drop in price for a 90% drop in performance is a very bad investment. Look for products that provide best value for money. Never trust second hand or sub standard products. It is a long term investment and should be done with care. A penny saved today can result in costing two (or three or four actually) in the future. So always go for warranty backed, traceable, high quality and reliable products by reputed manufacturers.

Solar PV energy, unlike other renewable sources, is available in most places. Because, every part of the Earth receives some amount of sunlight. However, certain other factors may effect performance of solar panels. To analyse if solar will yield good results, take a look at the position of your home, particularly your roof. Ask the following questions:


    Solar panels facing to the south are most effective in energy collection. So, check if the shape or construction of roof allows mounting of south facing panels.


    Shading on photovoltaic panels dramatically reduces their effectiveness. So, check if taller buildings or trees will directly shade panels or drop debris/leaves on them.


    Most roofs, from flat to 60-degrees can accommodate photovoltaic panels. However, it might be difficult to mount them if for some reasons the pitch of the roof is steeper than 60-degrees.