When you see solar on your neighbor’s roof, does it make you want to go to solar too?
When you hear your friends, neighbors or colleagues talk about their newly installed solar power system, does it make you want to go for solar too? Maybe when they tell you how they are getting zero or negative electricity bills, you are thinking going solar could be a nice addition for your family too.
But then you think you are not experiencing load shedding anymore and have a nice UPS or generator as a backup for an unscheduled power outage. And you have probably heard that solar systems are getting better and more affordable all the time so you are wondering if it is a good investment right now or should you wait.
While we agree with your smart decision to do your market research before choosing a solar power provider, there are many immediate benefits to solar so why wait now?
Read on to learn why going for solar now is the smart decision.

Immediate Savings, Lifetime Returns

‘A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow’ – time value of money. This is an economic concept and if we apply it to solar, it would mean that getting a solar power system today would be more valuable than a year from now, even if the solar panels prices go down.
Here’s why.
As soon as your system is commissioned and a bi-directional meter is installed, you start generating electricity that instantly lowers your electricity bills. While several factors can influence your savings such as solar power system size, unit tariff, shade, and weather, but the underlying principle is the same. The more solar energy you produce, the less electricity you have to buy from the main power grid. By switching to solar today, you are saving money on electricity bills now!
The savings you wouldn’t see otherwise if you were still waiting.
Getting the solar system now is the best option to achieve long-term savings. Depending on your system size, energy usage, and tariff, a solar system pays for itself in three to four years. After breakeven, you will enjoy free electricity for the lifetime of your system – from 25 to 40 years.
You might be worried about the higher upfront cost and not everyone has the ready cash to buy it at once. But here comes the solar financing scheme of State Bank. Solar financing through multiple banks is a popular alternative that is available and you can avail it at flat 6% markup. Many homeowners can offset their loan payments with a lower electric bill.

Protection against Rising Electricity Price

You may have heard in the news that electricity prices are predicted to rise again despite the surplus in the grid. The government reveals that from now till October, the power tariff will go up by Rs5.65 per unit in six phases. The Rs5.65 per unit increase would push the electricity bills up by 36%, excluding the impact of taxes.
The six-phase increase includes two annual tariff adjustments and four quarterly tariff adjustments. After including a special surcharge of 10%, the price will go up by Rs7 per unit.
But if you install solar today, your electricity unit rate will be locked for a lifetime and you’ll get protection against the rising prices. You will potentially save thousands of rupees if you switch to solar now.

Convinced about Switching to Solar? Choose Pantera Energy

We provide a diversified range of products and services with innovation and intelligence as the essence of solar energy systems. We provide state-of-art solar power systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Our product range includes on-grid solar system and battery backup hybrid solar energy system. Since 2013, we have developed a business process where customer care and satisfaction are considered as a top priority. We have built our credibility around the tagline “Solar That Works” i.e., we do not only install solar but make sure it keeps working optimally.

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